From an early age, I experienced a diversity of cultures and developed a curiosity to see the world. I grew up in Los Angeles and spent summers in Japan, my second home, where I listened to my grandparents stories and wandered seamlessly through historical sites and futuristic cityscapes.

My creative journey began with an obsession for ceramics and spending time in the darkroom at UCLA's Art program — a multidisciplinary environment where I practiced conceptual ideas, and discovered artists who influenced my way of seeing images through a cinematic lens and my sensibility for composition, light, and color.

I joined the International Cinematographers Guild in 2012 and moved to New York, learning from some of the best filmmakers in the world and working my way up the camera department on films, episodic series, and commercials.

Photography as a form of documenting everyday life, and finding intimate human moments has since influenced my style in filmmaking. I continue to find inspiration through collaboration, culture, and embracing new avenues of creation like VR.

Today, I enjoy working on documentaries with a positive social impact, especially in vérité, and continue to grow as a visual storyteller across diverse mediums.